RN Private Healthcare Advocate Background
As Registered Nurse Private Healthcare Advocate “I am your secret weapon to navigating our complex medical system”
As a Registered Nurse Private Healthcare Advocate I combine my education and years of experience with the healthcare system to assist individuals and businesses attain their healthcare needs. I am a graduate of the Healthcare Liaison Credentialing Program and the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants (NAHAC)

What is a Private HealthCare Advocate?
This is a profession that is developing out of the need for individuals to understand, access, and take control of their healthcare in our very complex U.S. healthcare system. Registered Nurses naturally fit into this role given our education and practical experience. Advocating for our patients is what we do daily.

Private Healthcare Advocate Services

Individual Consumer
Consultative services & assistance on healthcare related issues

  • Assessments & Referrals
  • Advocacy
  • Care Plans: Planning of current and future healthcare needs
  • Liaison with Healthcare Providers: private practitioners, Long-term care settings, Hospital Setting
  • Liaison with Family members
  • Liaison with Estate planning attorneys
  • Insurance: assist with understanding of insurance plans and resolving issues
  • Medical bills: Review & Negotiating medical bills
  • Community Resource Access


Businesses and Organizations

  • Consultation understanding healthcare insurance options
  • Workshops on healthcare decision making
  • Workshops on the ongoing changes in healthcare reform
  • Other Educational workshops as requested


The focus is on you the healthcare consumer and assisting with attaining your needs.
Our services are Short–term or Long–term you decide.

As a Private Healthcare Advocate I contract directly with the consumer.


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